From the Chairman’s Desk

The world belongs to the youth today and with rapid changes in technology and the knowledge economy, it has become mandatory for everyone to be updated with such technological changes, particularly the younger generation. The onus, therefore, lies with the educational institutions of our country to provide the right platform and enabling atmosphere to nurture the talent and unleash their latent potential towards the growth and development of our nation.It is with this aim in mind that Shekhawati Educational City has been found where all the convictions, imaginations, talent, expertise hard work, creativity, and innovation combine together to generate the right sphere allowing the young talents to blossom and shape their dreams into reality.

A team of qualified staff has been handpicked to ensure the best of knowledge and education imparted to the students who are mainly from a rural background. It, indeed, takes a lot of patience, love, dedication, perseverance, selflessness and hard work apart from the state-of-the-art infrastructure to transform these students and enable them to come at par with those from the urban elite class.

Shekhawati Educational City aims at providing a modern educational infrastructure on a regular basis in the best interest of the students. At the center of our educational policy is the holistic growth and development of the students – our ‘Generation Next’, who would be the harbingers of the rapid growth and development of our region, State, and Country. My vision is to provide an educational environment par excellence which would shape the budding generation into academicians, policy maker, implementers, planners and visionaries of tomorrow – who would bring glory to our great Nation making us all feel proud of their achievements. Let us all join hands and add value to our pious endeavor!

Mr. Shishram Ranwa


Entrepreneur,  philanthropist

Director’s View

The present generation is characterised by being techno-savvy, impatient and always yearning for “change-for-the-better”! We, at Shekhawati Educational City, are fully cognizant of this unique characteristic of our youth today. Our aim is to channelize their positive energy and skills while in shaping them into a well-educated youth of tomorrow equipped with the right talent and skill sets.The teaching methodology that we follow in our educational institutions focuses on the shift from Performance to Learning Skills, from Lecture to Interactive Technique and from a Repetitive method of “Learning by Doing”.

The foundation of Shekhawati Educational City at Dundlod had been laid as part of the endeavour to establish an educational Institute of excellence in the rural belt of North-East Rajasthan which fosters a stimulating learning environment and grants a unique identity in the emerging global scenario in education

The foundation of Shekhawati Educational City at Dundlod, had been laid as part of the endeavour to establish an educational Institute of excellence in the rural belt of North-East Rajasthan which fosters a stimulating learning environment and grants a unique identity in the emerging global scenario in education. Our mission is to create a fresh generation of students, who are a blend of high academic and technological expertise and leadership possessing the highest human and moral values, integrity, ethics and entrepreneurial skills.At Shekhawati Educational City, we strive to attain the highest educational standard through a process of continual change and evolvement incorporating the best practices in the field of education. We are committed to provide the most conducive environment for all round development and education of the student so as to secure a bright future for them.

 Yogesh Ranwa


Bachelors in Business Administration

Masters In International Business

Principal’s Desk

It gives me a deep sense of pride to see the seeds of vision of Shri Shish Ram Ranwa, Chairman Shekhawati Education City, blossoming in this stupendous school which I have nurtured with passion, sheer dint of hard work, gift and determination.The Shekhawati Public School for me is a flow of a sea of emotions which is now gushing ahead with full force. It is an extension of the home where children are nurtured so that they become better citizens. The mind of the children of present generation is ignited with the hunger for knowledge and creativity.

Over the years the school has carved a niche for itself by high academic standards and all round performance. This has been made possible by the dedication and guidance of entire faculty and the hard work put in by the students.

The school has taken up the Herculean task to develop a strong, healthy and a sharp intellect imbibed with self respect in the young students. Education in our institution is value oriented which upholds the essence of our rich varied Indian culture, at the same time, keeping its door open to the modern thoughts and scientific outlook. The school provides wholesome amalgam of activities and a healthy atmosphere for the development of mind and intellect to match the demands of the dynamic society. The aim of the school is to create a spirit of nationalism, brotherhood, a sense of self-discipline, gentle manners and refined taste.

We have embarked on a noble venture, the venture of forming noble minds in every respect. Our task is an enviable one, one that will serve to make the world happier place. Ours is a journey, just begun to foster the knowledge of the young minds of the children in our care so they may go forward with a fully rounded education and with the skills necessary to make difference. We intend to fulfill a mission- a vision dedicated to young people everywhere-and we are determind to achieve this.


Mrs Sunita Chaudhary, M.A, B.ed


Board of Governors

S. No.Name and addressDesignation
1Shri Shish Ram Ranwa,


121- K- 5 Scheme, Khatipura Road, Jaipur

2Shri Dinesh Ranwa,


121- K- 5 Scheme, Khatipura Road, Jaipur

3Smt.Jheema Devi,


121- K- 5 Scheme, Khatipura Road, Jaipur

4Shri Surja Ram Meel, Chairman,


Swami Keshwanand Institute of Technology, Jaipur

5Mrs.Sunita Choudhary, Principal


Shekhawati Public School, Dundlod

Member Secretary
6Regional Officer,


North- West Regional Office, AICTE, Chandigarh

AICTE Nominee
7Prof. Dr. D. R. Jat,


Dept. of EAFM, University Commerce College, Jaipur

University Nominee
8Director, Dept. of Tech. Education, JaipurState Govt. Nominee
9Dr. Ghasi Ram Verma, Professor of Mathematics,


Ohiyo State University

10Dr. K. D. Yadav, Professor,


Shekhawati Engineering College, Dundlod

Faculty Representative