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Principal's Desk

Principal’s Desk

It gives me a deep sense of pride to see the seeds of vision of Shri Shish Ram Ranwa, Chairman Shekhawati Education City, blossoming in this stupendous school which I have nurtured with passion, sheer dint of hard work, gift and determination.

The Shekhawati Public School for me is a flow of a sea of emotions which is now gushing ahead with full force. It is an extension of the home where children are nurtured so that they become better citizens. The mind of the children of present generation is ignited with the hunger for knowledge and creativity.

Over the years the school has carved a niche for itself by high academic standards and all round performance. This has been made possible by the dedication and guidance of entire faculty and the hard work put in by the students.

The school has taken up the Herculean task to develop a strong, healthy and a sharp intellect imbibed with self respect in the young students. Education in our institution is value oriented which upholds the essence of our rich varied Indian culture, at the same time, keeping its door open to the modern thoughts and scientific outlook. The school provides wholesome amalgam of activities and a healthy atmosphere for the development of mind and intellect to match the demands of the dynamic society. The aim of the school is to create a spirit of nationalism, brotherhood, a sense of self-discipline, gentle manners and refined taste.

We have embarked on a noble venture, the venture of forming noble minds in every respect. Our task is an enviable one, one that will serve to make the world happier place. Ours is a journey, just begun to foster the knowledge of the young minds of the children in our care so they may go forward with a fully rounded education and with the skills necessary to make difference. We intend to fulfill a mission- a vision dedicated to young people everywhere-and we are determind to achieve this.


Mrs Sunita Chaudhary, M.A, B.ed