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Need for the Schools to have National Collaborations

We are heading towards 2018 still the best school in India use the practices that have been used for past 50-60 years, that is the main reason Indian schools don’t make it to the TOP SCHOOL LIST or top Jaipur boarding school list. In a way yes we have shifted to digitalization but that is limited to the Urban areas. WHATS THE POINT OF LIFTING ALREADY UPLIFTED? The real challenge is to make things work in difficult situations i.e. make the rural youth educated on par with the urban youth and make them digitally and have a good knowledge about what is going on around the world What the private and government institutes should do is understand the areas that need to be digitally literate to keep up with the Global world. India dreams of being the superpower how will we become a superpower if the rural population is still digitally illiterate and still has no idea what’s going on in the global scenario.

For this to happen private institutions have to step up their game and make few alterations to the curriculum being followed. The schools should keep skype sessions with different schools in the rest of the world for Example. NORWAY, SWEDEN. For this to happen parents should also cooperate and put their children in the day boarding schools so that the school gets enough time to nurture and transform these kids. Online tests and Digital courses in the schools established in the rural areas so that the masses are aware of things. A good emphasis on spoken English will help boost their confidence so that their job market in future is not just limited to India but the entire world. Again all this can happen in a rural area only when the parents cooperate and put their kids into the best boarding school in Rajasthan who follow this religiously.

Right now the focus of the students should be shifted from scoring the most to LEARNING the most. We should think about the fundamental things like. Why are Chinese so good in calculations why Sweden is considered as the best education system. Why we are not even listed in the top 10 countries for education. For all this to be answered we need the Best boarding school in Rajashtan to establish and have a presence in the rural areas and alter their practices according to the need of rural youth put extra efforts for all this to work government should help them in every way possible. The day all this happens Indian schools will be on the TOP SCHOOL LIST or TOP boarding school list.

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