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Literacy in India

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Education is one of the prime concerns of any country or state. It determines the success and future of a nation that is why it is looked upon so carefully by the State Govt. and Central Govt. Over the past decade, there has been a growth in the literacy rate but not to the extent of a country we were looking to achieve. India still doesn’t seem to arrive among the top players in the field of education. If we look at the number of Day Boarding School in India it is enumerable but how many of them are actually providing quality education is the major question here. When we search for a Day Boarding school in India we get results from all over India but we don’t know about the performance of the listed schools.

Let’s for an example take the state of Rajasthan. In Rajasthan from 1991-2001, the Literacy rate went up by 21.85% making Rajasthan among the top in literacy all over India. But currently as per 2011 Rajasthan is 35th in Female literacy and 26th in Male literacy. From being in the top falling among the bottom what could have possibly gone wrong? The Govt. now needs to take stringent steps to once again be among the top of the lists. Firstly, they need to make easy access for the kids to go to school which means more private schools in their vicinity. Secondly, how do we measure if the standard of education in a city is good or bad, one way would be to (let’s hypothetically take an example of the most developed district in the state Jaipur) see the number of schools in a city finding the List of Day Boarding Schools in Jaipur and what are the Top Boarding Schools in Jaipur. After searching measuring their performance against the Top Day Boarding School in India being just among the Top 10 CBSE School in Jaipur will not do any good to them they should aim at being amongst the Top Day Boarding School in India. Similarly, once they reach their objective they schools should aim at being the Top Day Boarding School in Asia or world.

The aim of the nation should be to educate the youth as many people as possible also making sure the education they receive is quality education. It is every nation’s dream to keep the Literacy Rate on par with the Global powers. When we start focusing on the state level for education and once we enhance the quality of education we automatically contribute to the quality of education of the nation and make it a Highly Literate Nation.

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