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Education – Indian Asset

Indian Asset

Demographic Dividend one asset that India has and what gives India a Competitive Advantage over other nations, What Is a demographic dividend? It is a situation where the total working population is higher in comparison to the Total Population of a country. A country’s growth depends heavily on its Demographic Dividend; it is what the future holds for the country. Current demographic Dividend of India (According to 2015) shows our population 27.3% represent the 0-14-year group and 15-59– year 64.4% whereas 8.3% for 60+ years. To reap the advantages of demographic dividend a nation has to focus on Employment generation, Education, Healthcare. But to fully utilize this vital component to its fullest it depends on how the country is managing its education system and making reforms according to the need of the masses. To target and utilize 0-14-year group the Schools will play a vital role to provide good quality education and laid a strong base for the youth of the nation. For example, the government should have a meeting with The Top 10 Schools in India or Top 10 Boarding schools in India discuss how they can cover as many students as possible and make sure they get a quality education along with that groom these students to become a good citizen of the country. These top 10 Schools in India and Top 10 Boarding schools in India with their proven experience will give a solution to the government regarding what practices the schools should follow what challenges they can face along their journey.

Education is a broad term with many elements into it, schools just focus on making children study. Education not just means reading and getting knowledge, along with having the knowledge it means adhering rules, being efficient, respecting all the cultures, respecting others, practicing good habits, collectivism etc. In order to make the youth a bunch of good citizens these qualities need to be instilled in the kids at their early age. That is the secret ingredient of the Top 10 Schools in India and Top 10 Boarding Schools in India which makes them really successful and better than the others. The schools should focus and compete with each other to make it to the Top 10 Schools in India and Top 10 Boarding Schools in India. When they will have a rigorous competition to outdo each other the result will be more and more schools covering the aspects that the country would want them to cover.

To focus on the 15-59-year group that represent the largest share in our population we need to focus on the 0-14-year group because that is what lays foundation for the years to come that is why it is really for the government to make sure that the Private Schools as well as government schools focus on these kids and provide them with quality education so that we can reap twice the benefits of these Demographic dividends.

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