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Education and Horse Riding in Dundlod

Shekhawati the land of forts and warriors is known for its rich cultural heritage, which can be seen through the havelis and forts that stand till date. In the heart of shekhawati there is a town called Dundlod renowned for its Forts (now turned into hotels) and havelis. The forts are made in the Rajputana and Mughal architecture which indicates the presence of Mughal in the region. Being a small town Dundlod is not well renowned all over India but still is world renowned for its Horses. What’s so special about these horses? These horses are MARWARI BREED of horses who have a royal lineage and are really expensive, considered to be one of the posh breeds. Having these amazing horses easily available the local people here are very passionate about horse riding. Seeing this trend, the Best CBSE School in Dundlod, Jhunjhunu introduced Horse riding in their curriculum to attract the students and teach them this historical art which is engraved in the place where they live. For this one of the Top Boarding School in Dundlod named Shekhawati Public School started Horse Riding in the year 2005. Its been 13 years and SPS Dundlod has produced enumerable gold medallist riders, equestrians.

Following this initiative other Top Boarding School in Dundlod and Best CBSE School in Dundlod, Jhunjhunu took stringent steps towards providing students with adequate accessories and horse riding classes. Sports is something which inculcates discipline and develops the personality of a child. Schools should tap the needs of the kids and also blend it with the heritage of the place where they reside that way they are keeping the heritage alive and also making the students active as well. The Best CBSE School in Dundlod, jhunjhunu should understand that the local students here carry the passion of horse riding which is passed on to them by their older generation. They should make necessary adjustments provide adequate ground, accessories, horses and coaches to let the students pursue their passion.

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