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How to choose a Residential school in India

Residential School Jaipur

It is often said quality over quantity. If we integrate this phrase with our education system, it means quality education should always be prioritized over quantity of education. It doesn’t matter how much you know what matters is what you know and what you learn. The residential school which focuses on quality education always surpasses the others.

Nowadays, the biggest dilemma parents face is which school to choose for their kids that provide quality education. Here are a few steps to help them on how to choose a residential school for their kids in India or Rajasthan:

    1. Value: The earlier the kids start learning the values the better their understanding becomes as they grow up. Schools that focus on giving values about various cultures, festivals and habits make it to the list of the best schools because not only they provide the education they also inculcate values in kids. See if the school is focusing on such aspects. Even if a school makes it to the top 5 schools in Jaipur academic wise doesn’t mean it is the right choice for you. It needs to deliver the value to the kids.
    2. Discipline: If the child is brilliant in academics but doesn’t follow rules and has a habit of getting into trouble doesn’t make him a good student. A School that focuses on instilling discipline among the students is somewhere where the parents can put their bets on. Remember it is all about making your kid a good human being rather than making him a mug up machine. Residential schools in India should have a balance between being lenient and being strict.
    3. Spoken English: Being the most spoken language all around the globe English makes it to the priority to do list for the students. It is not enough to only teach them their syllabus material in schools. There should be newspaper reading, debates, and workshops for students to have a better understanding of the language and also it will impact their General knowledge immensely. Even the top schools in Jaipur do not follow this. If you find a school with this quality don’t look anywhere else.
    4. Co-curricular Activity: Academics is just a part of education. Education is a very broad term, whatever teaches us something is in a way, is an education for us. Co-Curricular activities like sports, arts, and music bring out the best side of an individual and teach a lot about teamwork. The school that lets your kid bring out his/her hidden talent should be the priority.
    5. Technology: The kids of this generation should be taught in methods that are new, the old ones have become obsolete or are 150 years old. The schools should adapt themselves to the technological changes taking place in the world to integrate technology with education and create new methods of teaching for this generation. The residential schools in India should focus on the technological aspect of learning. If you find such a school goes for it.

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